Shree Sharana Nuliya Chandayya Dr B R Ambedkar Smaraka
First Grade Arts & Commerce College

Principal Message


Dear Students,

               Indian  Society has been transforming from the agrarian one to a knowledge Society and is spreading her wings to rise and become a globalized information society. In the emerging new era of global opportunities, knowledge and skill are the most sought-after resources. The strength of a nation lies in its educated youth. Investment in human resource capital. particularly I the higher education of citizens by higher education.

 The challenge for each college is to help develop the nation by generating adequate human resource, through educating & training people to work in fields where they will be valued both for their specialized knowledge, technical, communication, research, leadership, Innovation, Skills, and entrepreneurship.

  Shree Sharana Nuliya chandayya Dr. B. R.Ambedkar Smarak First Grade Arts & Commerce College, with the motto, offers an environment to bloom and shine also we to strengthen the belief that nomadic & Semi-nomadic communities. Infrastructure including good classrooms,well-equipped library, Internet access, And sports facilities. Our faculty members are distinguished in their respective disciplines and are of honorable eminence. We are committed to providing you with excellent education through the practical cum Industry oriented syllabus. 

 With an innovative spirit in teaching, learning & research, we want our students to become responsible citizens and tomorrow’s leaders. I am sure that you will feel proud working with us in our mission of nation-building.


Welcome to this temple for learning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr.M.D.Mattimani                                                                                                                                                                                                                       M.A,M.Phil (Ph.D)