Shree Sharana Nuliya Chandayya Dr B R Ambedkar Smaraka
First Grade Arts & Commerce College


Hubli –Dharwad is the famous land which produced many eminent scholars in the field of Literature, classical music, drama, spirituality, art and architecture. Dr. D.R.  Bendre were the eminent personalities who enrich and enhance the scope of the culture of this region.The downtrodden and underprivileged people, especially rural mass,.,

Late Shri. Krishnappa.G Gokak, our beloved the then Chairman, established an Educational institution called, Dr. B R Ambedkar Smarak Akhila Karnataka Korawar Shikshan Samste established Higher Education Institutions to provide learning opportunities to the people of this Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic area. He all alone struggled very hard to shape the destiny of Nomadic Area in higher education. He put all his efforts, wealth and contributed his whole life for the betterment of the society. With the same spirit and enthusiasm, the then Chairman established Dr. B R Ambedkar Smarak Akhila Karnataka Kor1awar Shikshan Samste.

It is also proud to state that, our’s is the only institution established higher education under the title of Shree Sharan Nuliya Chandayya Dr.B.R Ambedkar Smarak First Grade Arts & Commerce College, Under the Scheduled Cast Management. This has enriched the rural men and women to be graduated and brightened their career from this esteemed institution.

The founder Chairman  Late Shri. Krishnappa.G Gokak is the only person solely and continuously struggled, until his last breath, to provide and enhance higher learning opportunities to the rural mass. It is our great grief that unfortunately, the institution lost the yeomen leader on 04-08-2011. His Vision, Mission in shaping the career prospects of the Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic area. are carried out by the present Management.